WORK - N.   work, labors, endeavors;  business, trade, occupation, profession, pursuit;  crafts, handicraft, manual work;  application, specialization, specialism;  operation,  manipulation, mechanism, function;  craftsmanship, skill, workmanship;   modus operand (L.). 

         The Pencil Pusher is an interactive performance that integrates the production of art with the business of art.  Over the course of the workday a single drawing or "Performance Evaluation" is produced.  When the Pencil Pusher is not ascending and descending the Pencil, he is interacting with prospective clients about the business of Pencil Pushing and attempts to sell them his pencil wares:  specially printed "Occupational Hazard" #2 Pencils, Jumbo Pencils, drawings, and pseudo stock shares.