Many artists torment their bodies and minds to realize an artistic vision.  I got burned, bruised, stabbed, sliced, broken, cut, smashed, ridiculed, punched, criticized, and generally abused to bring the Knockout Artist to life, and so what I suffer in the ring is but a small price to pay...for my art.  With the Knockout Artist I am replacing the uncertainty of physical abuse to one of prerequisite for making art.  This Knockout Artist can be seen as an homage and a mockery of Abstract Action Painting and uses a series of springs and guide lines to deliver an infinite number punches, jabs, dabs, and swooshes of paint.   Over the course of 12 rounds, 3 minutes with 1 minute rest in between, I make a painting by using a series of different shaped brushes that are held by the spring loaded boxing glove...each time I get punched the brushes are striking the canvas.